Chicago-based 44th Street Case Analysis Software Voted Second Most Innovative Legal Technology Startup in National Competition

Mar 10, 2021

CHICAGO – March 9, 2021 – 44th Street Technologies’ case analysis software was voted the second most innovative legal technology startup in the pitch competition at TECHSHOW 2021 Startup Alley, presented by the American Bar Association Law Practice Division. It was the only Chicago-based tech startup in the competition.

44th Street was founded by Chicago trial lawyer Carmen D. Caruso and software entrepreneur John Siniawski, lifelong friends who grew up on 44th Street in Chicago.

Combining artificial intelligence and natural language capabilities, 44th Street identifies a case’s data patterns and relationships, creating visualizations efficiencies in case building, saving time and money. 44th Street instantly transforms the way data is interpreted and streamlines the document management process. Intuitive and easy-to-use, 44th Street, empowers lawyers to begin building a winning argument on day one.

Attorney Caruso said, “We wanted to create a better alternative to traditional case analytics, creating software that gives a lawyer immediate insights that lead to a case-winning strategy on day one. We are pleased that our 44th Street product has been recognized as a way to improve the case analysis process.”

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About 44th Street:

44th Street is a product of Chicago based 44th Street Technologies LLC.

Built by trial lawyers for trial lawyers, 44th Street case analysis software transforms the process of analyzing data, using powerful tools to support or challenge predictive coding assumptions. 44th Street is user-friendly and intuitive from day one all the way to trial.

44th Street features include data visualizations, communications mapping, and email thread analysis while facilitating early case assessment and deposition and trial preparation.

Built to help lawyers and legal service providers accelerate their processes, 44th Street reveals big picture data insights right away, helping teams of all sizes work faster and smarter.

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