44th Street Added as ISBA Exclusive Member Benefit

Jun 4, 2022

44th Street, the next generation case analysis software with built-in e-discovery, proudly joins a number of other top-notch software products as an exclusive Member Benefit for members of the Illinois State Bar Association (ISBA). 

44th Street was created by trial lawyers for trial lawyers. In fact, one of its founders, Carmen D. Caruso, has been an ISBA member for many years. 

Using the Member Benefit section of the ISBA website, every ISBA member may obtain a discounted monthly subscription to 44th Street, which will empower your team to work faster and smarter, and to tell your client’s story in the most compelling and persuasive way. 

44th Street reimagines the way data is understood and delivers custom visualizations that reveal powerful data connections. 

44th Street was voted second most innovative legal tech start up at the American Bar Association Tech Show 2021 Start Up Alley competition. New features are continually added, and so 44th Street is, and will remain, the most important tool in your trial preparation tool kit, keeping your firm three steps ahead of the competition.