What We Do

  • 44th Street case analysis software offers a welcome new approach to document review that puts the emphasis on where it belongs: empowering legal teams to develop insights into their cases as quickly as possible, gaining a powerful competitive advantage over adversaries and saving countless hours.
  • 44th Street is the brainchild of trial lawyer Carmen Caruso and software entrepreneur John Siniawski. They who realized the need for next-generation software for law firms and developed 44th Street, software-driven by the latest developments in AI.
  • Keeping the end-user in mind, 44th Street is committed to improving the case analysis process. With simple yet powerful visualizations, interactive timelines, and revealing chronologies, 44th Street case analysis software reimagines the way you see and understand your data and delivers custom visualizations that reveal powerful data connections from day one.
  • Built to help lawyers and legal service providers accelerate the discovery process, 44th Street reveals big picture data insights right away, helping teams of all sizes work faster and smarter.

Seeing is believing. Discover what we can do for you.

Who We Are

John P. Siniawski Co-Founder and CEO

With more than thirty years of direct management and market-focused research activities, often in entrepreneurial settings, John is recognized internationally for his pioneering work in Asset Management, Software Development, and applying Organizational Change principles. He has innovated in the area of relevant and user-accessible analytics and visualizations.

He has led software development in organizations that range from successful start-ups to divisions of multinational businesses, creating strategic and operational programs. His experience with mergers and acquisitions has given him a unique perspective on using assets and resources, resulting in 44th Street technology that is both efficient and user-friendly.

Carmen D. Caruso, Co-Founder & Legal Advisor
Carmen Caruso is an experienced trial lawyer who leads his own law firm, Carmen D. Caruso Law Firm, while also serving as an Arbitrator for the American Arbitration Association. Carmen has applied his unique understanding of the challenges trial lawyers face when analyzing data to the development of 44th Street. Carmen is highly regarded nationally for his experience in franchise/dealership litigation, and his extensive legal experience spans across many areas of law, ranging from complex commercial litigation, difficult fraud cases, high level employment cases, environmental litigation, and most recently, air crash litigation resulting from the Boeing 737 Max disasters. Carmen has been inducted into the prestigious Litigation Counsel of America (fewer than 1% of lawyers have received this honor) and more recently, America’s Top 100 High Stakes Litigators (fewer than 0.5% of lawyers have received this honor), and he has been repeatedly named to Best Lawyers in America, Illinois Leading Lawyers, and SuperLawyers.  He is also ranked in Chambers.

Ellyn M. Caruso, Co-Founder & Communications Advisor
A communications professional with more than twenty-five years of experience, Ellyn leads an award-winning boutique marketing and public relations firm that specializes in crafting content to market global B2B and B2C across industries, including legal, professional services and technology. Through customized campaigns and programs, Ellyn delivers personalized service and counsel to clients, helping them increase awareness, build brand recognition, reputation and develop thought leadership for their services.

Ellyn is a member of Public Relations Boutiques International (PRBI), a global network of public relations leaders unified by excellence, achievements and approach.

Vinay Chandra, Chief Operating Officer
With more than twenty years of experience in running a wide range of businesses from manufacturing to services and technology, Vinay is a successful entrepreneur, having founded seven businesses in India, Germany, and the U.S.

Passionate about bringing to market useful AI products that make users’ lives easier, his expertise lies in directing AI engineers to solve difficult, real-life problems, using challenging technologies to build world-class products. In addition, Vinay is experienced in providing intelligent, automated solutions across multiple industries, including manufacturing, legal, healthcare, media and advertising, human resources, and education.

Keerthi Shekar, Chief Technology Officer
Keerthi began his career as a full-stack engineer and quickly moved along the ladder to being the CTO in a short curve, owing to his swift problem-solving skills and growing technical expertise.

Keerthi enjoys guiding technical frontend, backend, and data science teams across both solution and technical levels. Keerthi has also helped in building multiple high performance development teams over his career.

His expertise and experience span across challenging technologies including artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, and more.

Xiaoyin Cao, General Counsel and Attorney Advisor
An attorney at Carmen D. Caruso Law Firm with extensive experience in document review and e-discovery, Xiaoyin has served as an attorney adviser for 44th Street’s software development. She also serves as general counsel to 44th Street Technologies LLC.