Built for trial lawyers by trial lawyers, 44th Street case analysis software visualizes data from the outset, quickly putting your legal team on the path to a winning case.

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Case Analysis Software

  • Changes the way you ask questions to help you investigate and build your case
  • Focuses on case analysis and visualization, quickly identifying patterns and relationships in data
  • Gives your trial team greater insight and advantage
  • Integrates full e-discovery capabilities
  • User-friendly and intuitive interface reduces the learning curve

Powerful tools to support or challenge predictive coding assumptions

44th Street features include data visualizations, communications mapping, email thread analysis, and more, facilitating superior early case assessment (ECA). ECA allows you and your client to accurately assess the electronically stored information for your case, providing mechanisms for addressing Technology Assisted Review (TAR).

 44th Street enhances ECA, allowing you to effectively prepare for discovery conferences and assess and respond to an opponent’s proposed TAR protocols. 44th Street highlights focus areas that should be covered by an opponent’s TAR protocols, making identifying gaps in an opponent’s production easier.

44th Street offers our secure cloud,  on-premise, or private cloud implementations. The choice and level of security is yours.